community leaders, advisors, and Future Leader/Volunteers work to expand the successful implementation of globally recognized, evidence-based health and wellness programs in their communities while respecting local culture and customs. Leaders educate and empower children to become the premier agents of change, guiding them to create, share and practice health strategies that transform and improve the quality of life for others and themselves.

Whole School

Utilize proven intervention strategies and tools to promote safety, physical, social and emotional health using the CDC’s Whole School Whole Community Whole Child (WSCC) model.

Whole Community

Expand the project design and reach of schools into communities to effect positive change.

Whole Child

Empower 100 million children as content creators to collaborate and share best practices from around the world.


Future leaders and children become ambassadors of change worldwide by creating content linked to well-being.


The established GCH Network connects children, organizations, Universities, and communities to promote, showcase and share sport, dance and culture relevant to their community.


Conducted and continuing research by the GCH scientific advisers substantiates positive impact on social, emotional and physical health

GCH Platform

Your Community Your Platform

Brain Breaks

Global Forums

Global Forum 2016

Technology, Networking and Best Practice in Physical Education and Health: Local to Global

Global Forum 2014

Physical Education and Health: Promoting Best Practices

Global Forum 2012

Revitalizing Health and Physical Education Through Community Based Networking

Worldwide Conferences

sharing proven community wellness strategies


BRICS Inaugural Conference of Exercise and Sports Science

8th APCESS 2017

The 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science 2017

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